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Welcome back to part 2 of this blog series! Part 1 focused on relationship aspects like accepting each other’s flaws, planning futures together, and making sacrifices. Let’s delve into a few more signs that show you and your partner are in a truly passionate relationship with one another.


Physical touch and general affection seem like a given in all relationships. However, many couples underestimate the value of regular non-sexual, affectionate touch. Even simple things like holding hands or touching one’s shoulder can go a long way, especially if you are continuing to do so deep into the relationship. Intimacy is extremely important, and using loving touch regularly can go a long way toward deepening the bond you have with your partner well into the future.


Being able to openly speak what’s on your mind and trusting that your partner will not respond in a destructive way is a clear sign of true connection. As most, if not all couples will say, communication is key. This is never more true when it comes time to share difficult feelings and have respectful conversations about challenging topics. A passionate relationship benefits from the ability to communicate with one another and resolve issues in a calm and caring manner.

Having Fun

While sexual chemistry is important, it is not the only thing that translates into ‘fun’ in a relationship. Passionate couples have fun with one another through date nights, traveling, and sharing their hobbies and interests, just to name a few activities. Being able to laugh together and create memories is perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of a relationship. After all, we all crave variety and have the want to keep things exciting.


Intimacy should be considered a two-part aspect in all relationships, those parts being physical and emotional. Much like the concept of openness, being able to show your vulnerable side to your partner is a sign of true passion. Partners should be comfortable telling each other about their wildest dreams and darkest fears without fearing any repercussions. Vulnerability works best when it’s a two-way street, with both partners able to hold space for the other. When safety is available in the relationship, deep trust is the result.  


The best relationships are those in which partners inspire one another and push each other to reach their goals. It is a basic human need to want to grow, and relationships are no exception to that innate trait. Couples thrive by cheering each other on in the good times and offering encouragement with times are tough. Supportive partners should hold you up, not hold you back.


An obvious sign of a passionate relationship, commitment comes in a variety of forms. People usually default to the relationship choice of monogamy when thinking about commitment, but many couples in open relationships are deeply committed in their own way. The important thing is to create clear agreements and then commit to those agreements. Other commitments include committing to how you will raise children, committing to the same financial and/or work goals. Couples can be committed to keeping their relationships fresh and exciting. Perhaps most importantly, a passionate couple is committed to working through issues that arise.

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