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TJ Bartel


Be a Great Lover Overnight

With over 16 years of experience and proven excellence, Tj Bartel has more than mastered the skills required to succeed in his career. Tj is a highly successful published author and shares his expertise in workshops and coaching programs worldwide. Mr. Bartel specializes in personal transformation and conscious sexuality. His technique integrates both neuroscience, meditation, and innovative personal growth techniques. Tj’s primary goal is to create lasting and meaningful change and transformations in relationships which will ultimately lead to positive benefits for themselves and everyone in their lives.

Energy mastery is a field in which Tj Bartel excels and uses to fuel his careers as an author, public figure, and life coach. The art itself fine tunes a person’s consciousness to help an individual overcome personal, emotional, and mental obstacles that interfere with daily life. Nearly two decades ago, Mr. Bartel began teaching energy workshops and supports hundreds of individuals and couples through his coaching. At first his focus was primarily on supporting women in recognizing their energetic liabilities and step more fully into their personal power. Eventually, Tj came to realize that men are just as vulnerable as women when it comes to mastering energy to avoid obstacles. Since his epiphany, Tj has dedicated much of his subsequent teaching career to empowering both men and women, with an increasing emphasis on helping men.

For the past 16 years, Tj Bartel has made it his mission to bring more love to this planet and consistently delivers on his ambitions. Not only does Tj possess the necessary experience, both personal and professional, but he has also undertaken years of training. He has had a keen interest in human behavior and personal growth since his teen years which inspired him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After attending the Tony Robbins Mastery University, Mr. Bartel discovered his talents for transforming lives positively. He was so motivated that he continued to research how he could better help others across the globe in their relationships and sexual intimacy. Throughout his career, Tj amassed an impressive number of certifications and took a wide variety of classes to improve upon his mission in life. These classes include Tantra Yoga, Taoism, Conscious Sexuality, Energetic Mastery, and Chakra Healing.

Today, Tj Bartel shares his expertise both online and at in-person workshops. While much of his work does now focus on men, he never ceased to help couples and women with their goals as well. Knowing just how much his work contributes to a healthier and happier lifestyle and how he can help others prevent easily avoidable mistakes drives him to continue his work on an increasingly large scale.

In 2018, Tj retired from offering hands-on sexual awakening work to focus more completely on teaching, training and writing. In the near future, he hopes to create a complete system in addition to certification courses that will help those interesting in successfully supporting themselves and their clients in having vibrant and healthy relationships. To supplement his workshops and online coaching, Mr. Bartel has authored several books and articles to reach and help a wider audience find the answers they need. Topics include being a better lover, using energy efficiently and wisely, the differences between men and women, and how to have a emotionally and physically fulfilling relationships with women.

Coming Soon!

Look out for a new book from Tj Bartel focused on newlyweds and building the foundation for lasting love!

Praise for TJ Bartel

“Tj is a powerful and caring teacher who was willing to support me every step of the way as I learned how to master the art of serving and loving women.”


“I thought what I needed was the business strategy to be more successful, and I did. But what I didn’t know I needed more was all the energy tools you taught me. It’s totally changed my practice.”