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Bedtime routines are just as essential for adults as they are for children. Couples who wish to strengthen and maintain their bonds must take the appropriate steps to reignite passion and form an understanding of their partner’s needs in order to have a healthy relationship. Creating a nightly schedule with your significant other can help you do just that. Once these healthy habits become routine, they will feel no different than brushing your teeth each night. And the payoff with be more shared love and passion. 

Bedtime Hours

Choose an hour that you and your significant other want to start to unwind and get ready for bed. Studies show that couples who struggle to get on this same schedule have less intimacy, which is not limited to just sex, but conversation as well. If you have children, be sure to enforce strict bedtime hours with them too so that you and your partner can enjoy the rest of the night without interruption.

Limit Your Technology

Couples often compromise their time together by focusing too heavily on their phones or tablets. Whether it’s your laptop, smartphone, iPad, or any other device, try to limit your tech consumption so you can spend more time with your partner. Many people struggle to properly listen and engage in conversation when they are distracted by the screens in front of them.

Make a Daily “Indoor Date Night”

Even though everyone would like to go on a date night outside of the house, it is often impossible to find the time or afford daily outings. However, nowhere in the rules does it say that date night has to include leaving your home. Take 10-20 minutes before you go to bed and spend quality time together. You could light a candle, share a snack or have a drink together. Couples who prioritize bonding activities tend to be happier in their relationships.

Get Intimate

Couples who consistently connect physically, sexually and emotionally find themselves in healthier relationships. Snuggling, cuddling and sexual contact are essential to deepen your bond with your significant other. While true intimacy is not measured by the frequency of these actions, those who trust their partner to be vulnerable tend to experience more joy.

Joke Together

Laughter is always the best medicine. Having a long day can be disastrous when it comes to unwinding at home. Couples may feel combative, stressed or anxious. However, incorporating laughter in your bedtime routine by either exchanging jokes, tickling each other or watching your favorite comedy special may help a relationship stay youthful.