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Based on Relationship Coach Tj Bartel’s YouTube video.

Life is all about effectively managing how much time you spend enjoying things, smiling, spreading love, and being happy. In order to manage all of this, however, everyone must have some form of measure.

For example, if you measure the height of your child at age 5, then again at age 7, he or she will very likely be noticeably taller. Such is the same for personal growth. Take into account where you are in your life so that you can accurately measure and manage your growth.

Another beautiful side effect to committing your life to never-ending improvement is the lack of boredom throughout. Growth is fun and enjoyable once you are able to record tangible changes in your life. You are also setting positive examples to the people around you. After all, it is much more fun to grow than it is to die.

Before taking on any task, never expect to be perfect the first time around. Always value progress over perfection. It’s important to understand that we as human beings are designed to fail. We only succeed when we learn from these failures. Challenges make us stop and take time to consider. To grow, we must ask ourselves the necessary questions that we learn to ask only after experiencing challenges. Learning to make better decisions is often a result of learning from poor decisions we’ve made in the past.

When applied to relationships, these concepts are as important as ever. You will be faced with difficult situations time and time again when spending your life with a loved one, but understanding how to measure, manage, and enjoy your growth as both a person and a partner will be exponentially helpful.